Website 1. Jun, 2018


I can learn many new things from your website.

Website 23. May, 2018


A magnificent website

Website 2. Mar, 2018


Love your site! Keep up the good work :)

Website 17. Oct, 2017


I love your pictures :)

Website 17. Aug, 2017

Vina Jones

Well!!! I can learn many new things from your website.

Website 14. Aug, 2017


Best Wishes!

Website 19. Jul, 2017


I am so love the pictures you share, and very beautiful web design.

Website 22. May, 2017


Best Wishes.

Website 6. May, 2017

Ruth van den Brink (New Zealand)

Hi Heidi, I just dropped over from Women winning Online. Thanks for joining us and I hope that our group can be very helpful to you in helping others understand Autism.

15. Dec, 2016

Rev. David Hughes

Hi Heidi,

Thanks for sending me a link to your website - I'm very impressed!

Kind regards,


17. Oct, 2016


What a lovely web site really enjoyed reading it , giving it to Tasha tomorrow x

Website 3. Aug, 2016

Janet Wise

Hi Heidi thanks so much for getting in touch. It's been fascinating to read your story and I can see you are a strong and determined person. Good luck in your pursuits to tell more people about the condition. It would be great if you could get involved
in our project. Do you have an email address so we can keep in contact? Hopefully you will be able to come to the launch of our project and also tell others about it too.

16. Jul, 2016

Fiona Murray

This is fantastic, I'm so pleased to see you doing so well as you are a lovely person. I'm going to share it with my friend whose son is on the spectrum and having trouble at school, I'm sure it will give them hope x

16. Jun, 2016


Hi Hiedi,

What a great web page. It was great to meet you and I am looking forward to reading my copy of your book. The world needs more people like you that can educate and inspire....GO FOR IT!

14. Jun, 2015

Becky and Sarah Gorringe

This is a fantastic website Heidi, thank you for sharing this with us.

Website 6. Jun, 2015

Dr Marilyn Fryer

Heidi This is great! There are a lot of people who would benefit from your help including teachers, carers, trainers and many others who need to understand autism better!

5. Jun, 2015

adele scarlett

Wow! Heidi this is fantastic, I'm very impressed with your website! I'm proud of you for creating awareness for people on the spectrum! Well done! :-) xx