what is autism spectrum disorder in a nutshell!!

Autism is a life long mental and learning disabilty. it has a wide range  of different levels of characteristics basing around social and emotional communication and the absence of social interaction and social skills.

A lot of people on the spectrum are very intelligent and have higher than average IQ but struggle with friendship, high sensory sensativities, like touch, sound etc also they have very special interests like for example, cars or various obsessional traits like collecting number plate numbers or dates or data which means alot to them. they also have fantastic information recall and memories which is beyond the average interlectual person. every one on the spectrum is affected in so many ways and each persons journey is very unique to them.

alot of children who are on the spectrum are classed as naughty or problem children but actually they are trying to express themselves or dont know how to. which then escalates and results in a meltdown which means they become hystical because they have reached their limits of how they can cope.

With autism the brain and senses are more sensative to sound, loud noises, smells, and sensativities which people are more emotionally sensative. critisism and conflict are very challenging to people on the spectrum. anxiety is a very key isssue to people on the spectrum as they need to know what to expect as the anxiety levels are raised from the moment the person on the spectrum is awake. autistics do not like change. change is very unsettling as it triggers and exhubarates anxiety. autistics are very literal or truthful and honest and they say things as they are no holding back!

 some of the myths within autism.

autistics are not empathatic

this can be untrue as autistics can be empathatic they feel things more deeply and the intensativeness is highter.

autistics are not sociable

some autistics are very socialable. they want to fit in with their friends or peers but lack social skills as their brain has not got the natural reaction to form friendships and relationships

people on the spectrum if given the right intervention can have extremely fulfilling lives and become successful.